Our bee hive produces the world's most potent natural superfood and has the strongest antibacterial and immune properties found in nature. We are an industrious and tireless society that ensures humans live a longer life. Without us bees, the human race will not be existent. Human life is dependant on our pollination. No bees means no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.
Known as "Ambrosia" or food of the gods, Bee pollen is natures superfood. It is the most nutritionally rich of all the products from the bee hive, containing 27 minerals, and the 22 basic elements that make up the human body. One Teaspoon of pollen takes one bee working 8 hours a day for one month to gather.
Made from a diet of honey and pollen, Royal Jelly is the food of all bees for the first three days of their life. After this, only the Queen Bee receives Royal Jelly. The Queen Bee lives for up to eight years while the working bees live only six to eight weeks.
Meet the B-Team
Queen Bee Victoria

BEO of the colony.

Never leaves the hive.

Can lay 2000 eggs per day

8 years in the same job
Bumblebee Bob

Head of transport.

50,000 loads of pollen per day

Can orbit the globe on 30g of honey.

Honeybee Hailey

Pollen Receivable

Head of Defence

Honeycomb Manager
Dave the Drone

Working as a Temp.

Direct assistant to the Queen Bee

Only male bee in the colony.
4 Years! A hype or Reality!

The historical saying -- which is attributed to Albert Einstein -- that states if the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to survive, is now having entomologists seriously focusing on this issue.  

A similar dire situation occurred three years ago when sizable honeybee populations in many parts of the world disappeared in a strange and unprecedented way, all of a sudden and without a trace. Scientist received this incident as a heads-up and conducted studies as to the possible causes of this extraordinary and mysterious situation, which they termed "colony collapse disorder.”  

Honeybees are a major contributor to the pollination of hundreds of fruit and vegetable crops besides thousands of flower species worldwide, meaning that without bees, humanity would no longer be able to produce these crops, since cultivating them without natural means of pollination is extremely difficult and costly. From a broader perspective, a change in the natural balance will lead to the extinction of certain vegetable and fruit species that will trigger a butterfly effect and lead to the eventual destruction of nature.  

Scientists have so far attempted to explain such unprecedented behaviour among bees with three major postulations. The first cause to blame is global warming, which fuels the proliferation of pathogens such as mites, viruses and fungi to the detriment of bee populations. Besides, drastic changes in weather hurt bees, which have for millions of years been accustomed to consistent weather patterns. Another explanation asserts the overuse of pesticides and herbicides, which honeybees ingest during their pollination rounds, is to blame. The final theory is that the rise in atmospheric electromagnetic radiation levels, a by-product of the increasing usage of cell phones and wireless communication towers, is a major factor. Cell phone radiation interferes with bees' ability to navigate through the air.
Meaning 'Defence of the city'. A resinous substance produced by the bees, which they use to seal cracks in the bee hive, as a disinfectant to prevent against disease. The antibiotic properties of Propolis are the strongest found in nature, and have helped bees survive for thousands of years unchanged.
Bee Power Infusion is Australia's most potent antibacterial mix which has an amazing +30 Antibacterial activity. Contains a multitude of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Specially formulated from our bee pollen and Eucalyptus Honey.