We have selected the best Honey in Australia which is also Australia's favourite honey.
The West Australian Jarrah Honey Committee is pleased to announce that Western Australia's unique Jarrah Honey now has been proven to have high antioxidant levels following recently completed research. 11 January 2011

The Best is simply from the West

Step aside Manuka Honey! PNH Active Jarrah Honey, only found in WA contains 100% pure honey with no additives just as the bees make it. Officially proven to have higher antioxidant levels than Manuka honey of New Zealand. WA Jarrah is a world class honey.

Amazing antioxidant and antibacterial levels
100% Natural, 100% Western Australian
Health certificate issued by Department of Agriculture
Laboratory tested
Boosts energy and immune system
Smooth and delicate taste
Maintain general well being
Treat wounds, burns and skin infections

Free Lemon Book with any Jarrah Honey purchase. Valued at $14.95
WA Active Jarrah Honey 500g + Lemon Book   (was $29.95) $22.40 Qty:   
PNH is proud to introduce a honey which comes from West Australian’s unique Jarrah tree located in the State’s south west. Jarrah Honey has been discovered to have a naturally high antibacterial activity that strongly inhibits the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, otherwise known as Golden Staph. Controlling Golden Staph, and other bacteria effecting wounds to the body is vital as more and more people become resistant to antibiotic treatments.

A dark thick honey with caramel consistency it is not as sweet as other honeys due to the low glucose and high fructose levels.  For this reason Jarrah honey will not candy and it also gives it a lower GI than other honeys... more

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