Hi, It's Victoria again, your Queen Bee. Our human customers say that our bee hive products are the best on the planet; yummy tasting, pure magic, delicious in flavour, work wonders, fell amazing, incredible and delicious. Amazingly, we did not expect any less praise to our wonderful bee products.

Please read what some of our customers have to say about our hive products:
"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years left to live."

Albert Einstein

"I have tried many bee pollens from all parts of the planet. Your Pollen Power Bee pollen is in my opinion the best on the planet. Thank you, Namaste" ,

Brendan Georgeson
Noosa, Queensland

I bought the Lemon Detox product because a friend of mine suggested that I try it to cleanse my system after a huge Christmas, New Year and my 48th Birthday.
I didn't get the Bee Pollen first time around but every time I went to her house I would have a large teaspoon and loved it I lost 5 kilos in 8 days and ordered the second lot with the BEE POLLEN and I have it twice a day now and LOVE it....

I'm going to order the kilo pack and go halves with Christine.
Thank you your products are fab

Nadia Cameron
Bathurst, NSW
I bought bee pollen for the first time about 6 months ago, and I knew all the health benefits but was surprised by the yummy taste, I also didn’t need to add sugar to many of my usual cereals etc so I saved on calories as a bonus. Thanks for the quality product.

Samantha Dann
Nerang, Queensland
I have always found your company excellent to deal with.
Service is fast, delivery even faster. My wife and I love your bee pollen and eat it daily.
I wouldn’t buy my bee pollen from anyone else. When you’re on a good thing, stick to it.

Tony Goonan
Taree, NSW

Your Bee Pollen is pure magic. Not only does it have a delicious nutty flavour it actually works wonders. After the 14 day Lemon Detox I have been taking Honeybee bee pollen for 2 weeks now and I feel fantastic.

Knowing what a pure food supplement this is ,from the incredible genius of the honeybees work, you could not find a purer form of nutritional supplement, try it yourself.

I look forward to telling you how I feel a month after taking it.

Bathurst, NSW
May I commence my testimony from 3 years back when my two daughters ( Sarah aged 19 and Rhiannon aged 16 at the time ) sat me down at the kitchen bar and said to me…

Dad, do you want to live 20 years longer or die 20 years earlier in your life? ( I weighed 98.8kg’s )

I now weight 68.9kgs. While on the Lemon Detox for 14 days, I was able to change some of my other habits to even better ones. I read an information pamphlet on the Bee Pollen and the benefits that it can deliver, extra energy, the feeling of well being and the health aspects of being more energized and alert, and thought that this is worth a trial.

We sent away for the Pollen Power Bee Pollen and each and every morning my better half Cathy and myself have a Banana Smoothie with the Bee Pollen and Bee Pollen Honey.

We have both noticed a huge difference in being more alert and having more energy. We can honestly say that the Bee Pollen is now an every day part of our diet and exercise program.

Diet, Exercise and Commitment and the Bee Pollen assists with each of the three.

Mark Watherston
Parafield Gardens, SA
I have been taking the recommended serving of Pollen Power Bee Pollen every day now for over 6 months and the increase in energy and well-being that I have felt is incredible! I was very wary and a little sceptical when I first read about the product but after the Lemon Detox I decided to give it a go anyway and I can honestly say I will now use it for life. I have no hesitation in recommending use of this product to anyone.

Melissa Cochrane
Scarborough, WA
I started taking Pollen Power Bee Pollen last year after I was on the Lemon Detox diet. I have taken it ever since. I lead a very busy lifestyle and I find that it gives me energy. I add it to my breakfast of fruit and yoghurt every morning. Additionally it tastes great sprinkled on salads.Kind regards,

Yvette Hall
I would be happy to give you a testimonial for the Bee-pops. I haven't yet tried the Bee Pollen as I am currently still doing the Lemon Detox (4th time now & I love the resulting feeling every time!). I first tried a Bee-Pop in a health food store as a sweet snack and loved it so much that I thought I'd indulge and buy a whole box of 50!

Not only do Bee-Pops have a delicious honey flavour, but I have also noticed that they don't give you that 'fuzzy feeling' on your teeth unlike when you suck on most conventional sweet lollipops that rot your teeth! I like knowing that the sweet tasting treat that I am having is really good for me and guilt free! And they are a much better treat for kids than ordinary confectionery sweets. 

Christine Lim
Endeavour Hills, VIC
About a month ago I bought a jar of Bee-Power. I have been taking it every morning for breakfast on a slice of toast and I can feel the difference in my well being. HELP! Could you please send me some more?

L Brownjohn,
Helensburgh, NSW
A My partner and I have been on Bee-Power for 3-4 weeks now and have never felt better. We both noticed an improvement in our well being about 3 days after commencing Bee-Power and now we have so much more get-up and go.
We are both employed in strenuous jobs and also early starts and long days and hated getting out of bed at the best of times, but since starting on Bee-Power we now have no trouble at all. We still get physically exhausted but not rundown tired.  We would recommend Bee-Power to anyone and have talked 3 people into having a go

N Taylor,
Grafton, NSW
Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciate Bee-Power.
I am recovering from Ross River virus and have found Bee-Power to be wonderfully helpful in keeping my energy levels high, and is definitely aiding my recovery

J Sears,
Geurie, NSW
Being a Rugby League official at the highest level means that your fitness must be that of the same. In particular training 3-4 nights a week and game day, your endurance and strength are worked to the maximum. Bee-Power has been the secret ingredient to my Peak Performance, enabling me to continue to perform week in week out, and gain that added boost required in the greatest game of all

Darryn Lang,
Warringah Council, NSW
My husband and I have been using Bee-Power for 6 months daily. We find we have more energy throughout the day. We really enjoy the benefits of Bee-Power which improves our health, mentally and physically. We introduce the honey to our relatives and friends and they give us the same answers  

W Leung,
Marsfield, NSW