There's no doubt, and it's well documented that bee pollen is one of the most nutritious natural super foods on the planet. And getting it out to the public is all about the beekeepers...and more importantly, those who recognize the efforts of the bees of course!

I'm Endree Saade. I'm very passionate about natural living. It makes sense that we should utilize the gifts that Mother Nature has given us. The key to a healthy body begins with a healthy mind, and if you use your mind to decide to take control of your good health and wellbeing, then you are on the way to achieving just that!

Rod Pavy who has managed over 700 hives is Australia's foremost leading bee keeper. Rod's expertise has spread throughout the whole bee industry. Rod is Australia's leading commercial pollen processor and exporter. He is a conference guest speaker He is chairman of the Jarrah Honey Promotions Committee. He is a member of the Agricultural & Produce Commission. He was the former senior vice president of Australian Honey Bee Industry Council and the Bee Keepers section president. So if there was anybody on this planet that you would want to listen to about bees and bee pollen, it's Rod Pavy.

This is where we started. Rod's expertise and advice has driven us to create Pollen Power, a company devoted to an evangelistic approach to promoting the wonderful natural benefits of pure, raw, natural bee pollen and other bee products.

Our mantra is that you are born natural, so you should live natural.

Our company, Pure Natural Health Australia focuses on developing natural products. These include herbal cleansing products and nutritional supplements and programs that will help revitalize and rejuvenate the digestive system, energy levels, and general health back to how it should be.

We believe that the best solution is not to try and cure a disease but to try and prevent a disease. We believe that there is always a way to avoid prescription drugs through education and understanding the uses of the many natural herbs and products that mother nature has provided us.

Because of this philosophy PNHA is fast becoming one of the most trusted brands in Australia. Our product range is now supported by over 5000 pharmacies, health food stores and clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Health is a serious issue which we think most of us take for granted, even those who do work in the health industry. Our mission is to support the needs of people in finding the best way for them to live a more healthy and natural lifestyle.
PNHA is a family owned company and is 100% Australian owned.